What: LegDay helps you find the workout partner and the motivation you need to get to the gym. Locate and pair with a like-minded lifting partner, connect and meet at your favorite local gym.
Who: Initial product build, serving as technical co-founder.
Why: A fitness take on a popular matching algorithm. I love helping a team visualize their ambitions. While the model is still being developed, I made this idea come to life.



What: Loot allows brands to reward users for interacting with their products, this project that I rebuilt as a 2.0 native iOS app has seen a lot of press coverage from Tech Crunch and Hacker News.
Who: A small startup (think 10 employees) that needed an iOS expert to compliment the team.
Why: Straightforward, functional, attractive UI implementation is my bag. This is what I do, and I do it well.



What: A step-tracking app, clean and simple. It does what it says, and it looks damn good.
Who: Built for myself, by myself.
Why: Side projects are fun! I built 10K STEPS in 24 hours just to a) see if I could do it, and b) to force myself to do the toughest part of software: shipping.



...and more coming soon.