I'm currently an independent iOS Developer. I'm not looking for work at the moment. However, I love meeting new people and talking about opportunities!

Are you:

Looking for a freelance developer? Good to meet you! I'm your guy - I like the sound of 'independent' better than freelance, but I can compromise. Let's get together and talk about your idea! Contact me right away, and let's see what happens.

With a recruiting company? Please do not contact me directly about potential positions; I'm currently not looking for a new position. You may, however, add me on LinkedIn if you like.

An in-house recruiter? I'm glad I came across your radar! Feel free to add me on LinkedIn and Twitter. I'd love to keep in touch and maybe meet sometime. However, be aware that I'm not actively seeking a new position.

Directly involved in a startup that needs an iOS developer? Please add me on LinkedIn, and let's connect on twitter and talk! I'm not actively looking for a position, but I'm very open to contract work - and possibly joining your company if all goes well.


Note that, while I do have a broad range of skills, I'm currently looking to focus exclusively on iOS applications. I'm not interested in Java, .NET, web development, UI design, and so on; please do not contact me for such opportunities.