Work That I've Done

In October of 2011, I took on a complete redesign of David Henderson's awesome inStereo app for iOS 4 & 5 - an app that allowed users to stream music, in sync, to multiple devices. The result was a cool stereophonic listening experience.

I re-wrote the streaming library to speed it up, clean up the memory usage, and fix several bugs. The library was written in straight-c, and I utilized my experience with other platforms to get it up and running, optimally.

I worked with the designer, to implement a completely new look that really took inStereo to the next level.


APath Realty was looking for a realty website that was completely different from their competitors. Most realtors have flimsy sites that list properties using iframes or embedded code. We wanted the content to actually reside on Apath’s website, to both provide a superior experience for the users, and to provide better SEO value.

I did all of the backend work on this system, pulling in data from various providers (using RETS feeds, similar to json), processing it and importing into our database, and converting it to a Drupal-accessible format. I utilized quite a bit of on-server scripting, to run automatic updates every night and clean up old listing data, as well as PHP and MySQL to present the data to our CMS in a usable fashion.

In the end, we created a very advanced platform that APath could use for their customers – and potentially grow to a much wider audience if they wanted (possibly even competing with Zillow).

Disclaimer: I was not involved in the front-end coding, the graphical design, or the branding & usability elements of this website.

Merle Fisher, an old co-worker and good friend, needed a website for his freelance graphics design venture.

Working together, we developed and coded his new personal website. I largely functioned as secondary web developer for this WordPress site, while assisting with copy writing. It’s been a great attention-getter so far, and I’m sure it will serve him well!

I've worked on several of OuFit7's interactive storybook apps for children.

 Tickle Finger needed some memory management help, and memory management is not a simple thing! The graphically intense application would run out of memory, and crash, on older iPads and iPhones.

I came up with a different paradigm for managing the large image elements, that allowed for efficient memory usage and conservation. As a result, the crashing stopped and the execution speed was greatly enhanced.

SelectEffect is a personal project of the extremely talented photographer and cinematographer, Seth Haley. He came to me via a personal recommendation, and wanted to talk about a photo app that would enable users to get the same high-quality toning and film effects that he used in his professional photography jobs.

After some initial sketching, and concept discussion, we got started. I coded the entire app, working closely with Seth to develop the concept. A short time later, we released the final app.

I worked with Myerstown Sheds & Fencing, under Rosewood Marketing, to help them reach the online marketplace.

We created a site that lists their most popular products, with a ecommerce-esque presentation. Instead of a checkout process, we added a customized quote request form. Some items, such as their endlessly-customizable swingsets (manufactured by Swing Kingdom) even have a form that allows the user to see and configure all the available options. I acted as sole developer on this project, as well as facilitating customer communications.

I've also been promoting their company using Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and clean SEO techniques. They get quite a few quote requests every week, providing quality leads and ultimately, sales.

I've worked with their budget restraints to provide quality SEO efforts to help them rank. We practice clean, legitimate SEO tactics - no dodgy links, spam posts, or search engine manipulation. The results have been very impressive.

Other apps I've worked on include ShoutOMatic, Lull, Flick., Princess Chocolate, Tickle Jungle, AppsMakeOne, ClarinetNotes, and Magic Pony 2. I did not design these apps, and in many cases was not the primary developer. Please don't download them or try them out.