You're building a tech company. I can help.

As an early-stage startup founder, you need someone just as motivated as you. Someone with the technical skills and intuition to build a product, and the experience that you need to avoid failure.

I can help.

What I Do

What do I do? Simple: anything tech-related that your very-early-stage mobile first startup would need.

I build iOS apps and server backends. I also build cross-platform apps using React Native (Android, iOS).

My speciality is iOS mobile apps. Not only have I been on the platform since day 1 (2008), and wrote my first line of Swift @ Moscone during WWDC 2014 – I’ve been doing it full-time for 5+ years. There is a significant difference between a bad iOS app and a good iOS app when it comes to user experience & product longevity; you stand to benefit from my deep experience.

Recent Work

I've been building mobile apps since 2006 (remember PalmOS), and have founded multiple tech startups around the world.

Currently I am helping create – an app that connects small nonprofits to donors around the world, nurturing ongoing support.

In the last 24 months: I spent the last two years heads-down on a product in the healthcare industry - my cofounder and I went from napkin sketches to meaningful revenue within year 1. As of February I've moved on to found in Brooklyn, a tool to help young students stay focused and study better – we call it ‘student mindfulness’.

In the last few years: I co-founded a social media startup called Hyper ('the next Instagram' according to Cosmopolitan), consulted with a Fortune 500 company to create two award-winning products, and built the mobile app.

If that sounds like a lot, well...I've also helped build a productivity app for macOS called, created a lightweight anonymous social network (much like the defunct Yik-Yak), and even published a few small productivity tools for iOS.


The Process

It's different for everyone. 

Put simply, I do two types of work:

1) EQUITY: I strategically invest my time the same way an angel investor might invest his/her cash (sometimes I also invest my cash). These engagements are almost always long-term oriented. I'm looking specifically for very early stage companies – pre-seed or immediately afterward –  and a founding team that I mesh well with.

2) CASH: I also work on a contract basis; engagements usually last 6-12mo and often lead to a cofounder or advisory relationship. The position is usually technical director, lead developer, or mobile lead - it's a good way to get your company off the ground while developing a relationship that could last much longer.

Our engagement will probably be some combination of those processes. Let's talk and find out!

About Me

Some things I love:

  • Good industrial design.

  • Running.

  • Reducing complexity.

and people that I love working with:

  • Small teams of "let's just do this, I mean how hard can it really be"-kind-of-people.

  • Critical thinkers & questioners.

I primarily work remotely but can meet in cities near Philadelphia – New York or Brooklyn, Baltimore, and Newark. I also frequent Chicago and the bay area.