I make thoughtful iOS apps.

As an independent consultant, I help startups build and launch iOS products.

You may be a good fit if any of these apply:

  • You're an early-stage startup looking to develop your initial iOS product.
  • You're a startup with a small team, looking to hand-off overload or urgent tasks.
  • You're a startup with a small unspecialized team, in need of occasional answers, platform guidance, or assistance.
  • You're a consulting company, with occasional overload or regular development work (iOS only)

I optimize for communication, and your business goals. Good software architecture is important, but even a perfect system is useless if your business runs out of money before getting to market.

If needed, I know consultants in many fields that I can pull together as needed. Web developers and designers alike, as well as highly specialized mobile consultants for tasks such as localization, or digital artwork & graphics.

I provide support contracts to ensure you can get the support you need in a timely fashion.