We should work together if you are:

  • An early-stage startup looking to develop your initial iOS product.
  • A busy, small team looking to hand-off urgent tasks.
  • A small team looking for platform guidance, architecture consulting, or general assistance.
  • A larger consulting company with occasional overload or consistent development work.

Email or iMessage me anytime using the email address: chris@cdstamper.co (yes, you can iMessage an email address)

Looking for more? I am an active member in a community of talented developers and designers that I trust and admire. They’re experts and they’re friends. Tell me what you’re looking for, I’ll introduce you.





Are you an individual, not representing a larger corporation or recruiting firm? I really want to talk to you. Email me above, and then shoot me an iMessage. Don't worry, it's not too informal, just do it. Why are you still here? Do it.

PO Box 396, Lancaster PA 17603