You're building a tech company. I can help.

As an early-stage startup founder, you need someone just as motivated as you. Someone with the technical skills and intuition to build a product, and the experience that you need to avoid failure.

I can help.

What I Do

What do I do? Simple: anything tech-related that your very-early-stage mobile first startup would need.

I build iOS apps and server backends. I guide your team through tough technical decisions, drawing on my experience. I also build cross-platform apps using React Native (Android).

My speciality is iOS mobile apps. Not only have I been on the platform since day 1 (2008), and wrote my first line of Swift AT the Moscone Center during WWDC 2014, I devoted nearly 5 years of my career to developing for iOS exclusively. There is a world of difference between a bad iOS app and a good iOS app, in terms of user experience AND longevity; you stand to benefit from my deep experience.

Recent Work

I've been building mobile apps since 2006 (RIP PalmOS), and have founded multiple tech startups around the world.

In the last 12 months: I spent the last year heads-down on a product in the pharmaceutical industry - my cofounder and I went from napkin sketches to meaningful revenue, all within one year. As of February I've moved on to start in Brooklyn, a tool to help young students stay focused and study better.

In the last few years: I co-founded a social media startup called Hyper ('the next Instagram' according to Cosmopolitan), consulted with a Fortune 50 company to create two award-winning products, and built the app.

If that sounds like a lot, well...I've also helped build a productivity app for macOS called, created an entire lightweight anonymous social network (much like the defunct Yik-Yak), created a couple small productivity tools for iOS, and made an Alexa Skill (would not recommend).


The Process

It's different for everyone. 

Put simply, I do two types of work:

1) EQUITY: I strategically invest my time the same way an angel investor might invest his/her cash (sometimes I also invest my cash). These engagements are almost always long-term oriented; I'm looking specifically for very early-stage (pre-seed or immediately afterward) 'medium growth potential' companies, and a founding team that I mesh well with.

2) CASH: I also work on a contract basis; engagements usually last 6-12mo and often lead to a cofounder or advisory relationship. The position is usually technical director, lead developer, or mobile lead - it's a good way to get your company off the ground, and develop a relationship that could last much longer.

Our engagement will likely be some combination of those processes. Let's talk and find out!


About Me

Some things I love:

  • Good industrial design.

  • Running.

  • People who obsess over the perfect cup of coffee - so I don’t have to.

  • Building efficient and beautiful app architecture.

  • Shipping.

and people that I love working with:

  • Small teams of "let's just do this, I mean how hard can it really be"-kind-of-people.

  • Critical thinkers.

  • Anyone who's starkly self-aware, both personally as well as of their industry and product.

  • People that like to ship.