You're building a tech company. I'm your co-founder.

As an early-stage startup founder, you need someone just as motivated as you. Someone with the technical skills and intuition to build a product, and the experience that you need to avoid failure. In short, you need a good technical cofounder.

I'm your new technical co-founder your mobile advocate. Good to meet you. Now let's get started.

Understanding systems is my specialty, and guiding the creation of these systems is what I do best. If this doesn't sound essential to you...well, it will soon.

Recent Work

I’ve built and launched many successful mobile products for startups around the world. It's what I do.

In the last 12 months: I co-founded a social media startup called Hyper ('the next Instagram' according to Cosmopolitan), consulted with a Fortune 50 company to create two award-winning products, built an entire mobile app for a cool FinTech product you may have heard of, and led the development of a brand-new mobile product for the enterprise (press release coming soon).

If that sounds like a lot, well...I've also helped build a productivity app for macOS, created a lightweight anonymous social network (Yik-Yak but without the failure), created a couple small productivity tools for iOS, and made an Alexa Skill. It's been a great year!

Some things I love:

  • Good industrial design.
  • People who obsess over the perfect cup of coffee - so I don’t have to.
  • Building efficient and beautiful app architecture.
  • Protocol-oriented programming.
  • and Indian food. Like, a lot. Very much.

and People that I love working with:

  • Small teams of "let's just do this, I mean how hard can it really be"-kind-of-people.
  • Critical thinkers.
  • Anyone who's starkly self-aware, both personally as well as of their industry and product.